Jun. 1st, 2008

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I'm working on two more stories in the "Oathbound" cycle, and I'm really excited about them. One is going to be a two-sided story, a before-and-after kind of thing showing a little more about Zaxx the battle mage. The other showcases a new character, a bounty hunter who calls himself Varas because his real name was just too painful to keep.

I'm also looking at turning this quirky set of stories into a more mainstream novel. I just like the idea of turning the process inside-out and doing some "derivative works" first -- I'm my own first and primary fan-ficcer, lol! And yes, if I do the novel (or series, at this rate), I plan to open it to fanworks and see what happens. Though, if the slash is canon, I wonder what they'll do for subtext?

The icon is a reflection of the bounty hunter's story, by the way. Just so you know.

Oh, and just to add some confusion, I created a journal under the name [insanejournal.com profile] vanmichaels so no one else could nab it. Sue me, I'm paranoid. ~_^ I might use it too, or I might stay with this one -- right now, being organized enough to post ANYTHING is an accomplishment.


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