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You know, usually a writer creates a novel first and then the derivative stories.

I'm going at this bass-ackwards and loving it.

Of course, part of that could be due to my lack of an opening for the novel...either that, or I'm enjoying the erotica aspects too much.

Still, I've recently sent the third story in this abstract series to my favorite ezine. Hopefully they'll have as good a time reading it as I had writing it. This one not only deepens the overall plot quite a bit and expands on the nature of Oathkeeper (Gïordan's sword), but it also marks my first foray into hermaphroditic encounters. It's much more of a supernatural feel than the first two stories, with just a hint of dubious consent -- actually, to be more correct, it's not so much dubcon as extortion, but let's not give too much away here.

As for that pesky novel... I have a chronology in my head and now mostly in a Word doc as well. I've got notes upon notes, an iTunes playlist for inspiration, and a dedicated beta. All I'm lacking...is a beginning. I think I know how I want to do this, but getting the words to cooperate is like trying to coax a spider into a drinking glass when all it wants to do is run up the wall. (I know, weird comparison, but the other day I had to rescue a daddy longlegs from our cats, and, well...mission completed without too much incident, but I'd never say it was easy.)
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