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grievesmen ([personal profile] ex_grievesmen567) wrote2008-08-31 11:33 pm

Going public

Well, I've had a jolly bit of fun with the secret identity thing and selling a couple of stories, but now it's time to just write and post and work on that novel.

Since the e-zine that's been kind enough to host my first couple of original stories is sadly shutting down, I'm going to post the Oathbound-inspired erotica at [insanejournal.com profile] vanmichaels for my own organizational convenience and ease of readership. I'm kind of hoping that any comments and feedback they inspire might help me sort out the rough spots in converting these into a fantasy novel with or without the erotic aspects (haven't quite decided on that part yet).

So...*braces self* I'll be posting an invitation over at my fanfic journal, opening the floodgates for the curious into the world of my original writings and giving them access to the critic seat. I figured that IJ's Bring Back The Porn Day would be a good time to do this; I debated waiting for the 4th, which is apparently New Zealand's National Penis Day, but I'm impatient.

ETA: No sooner do I hit the POST button than Tweak says, "Well, I like pretzel day." Tweakpwned ftw. :3