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This is a writer's journal for eventual scribblings and ongoing photo collecting. Here is where I hide out and scroll through odd picture-intensive asylums to spark the creative chaos.

If I've joined your asylum and you want verification that I'm a real person with other journals, by all means email me -- I'll be glad to reveal my secret identity. I just don't want people looking here for goodies before there's anything interesting to read. ^__^
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As I've probably mentioned here or there, the whole thing started with fan fiction. Wrote a story for a prompt community, my partner and amazing beta suggested I try refitting it for sale, so I did.

I didn't expect it to spawn a whole world. I guess once an idea gets loose in my head there's no stopping it, which is a very good thing for a writer. Weird, but good. I'm beginning to vaguely understand the writerly concept of "muse" or "soulbond" which, if you know me from other journals, is frankly rather amusing. (Heh -- aMUSEing!)

Anyway, I'm rambling here. The story world started off in Final Fantasy VII territory, with not-so-subtle shifts on that first piece. I just wanted to see if I could pull it off, convince myself that those two new characters deserved breathing space in their own milieu.

Then I started wondering what other FFVII characters I could do that to: take a basic sketch, and morph it to fit this different magic-filled world.

Honestly? It's more fun than I ever expected.

I'm working on a backstory for Zaxxir, and his connection to Zack Fair is fading with every scene. Except for his hair. Sorry about that, but some things just stick.

I've surprised myself by splitting up Chaos and Vincent, in effect. Their "Oathbound" incarnations work so much better apart, though the one based on Chaos still lives bound to a human. That one is a smartass. And the Vincent-inspired man is still a gunslinger -- what? I couldn't NOT keep that part! -- though his pistol is of Dwarven manufacture.

The Shinentai made their own space in this world, again serving as children of advent in a much larger scheme. I had too much fun devising their names, by the way.

Now, the kinky versions of these stories are probably going to remain outside the full novel/whatever it becomes for publication. Probably, but not definitely. I'm going to see where it all goes, because when one is muse-driven, one is merely a passenger.

It's becoming a bit of a hobby for me, looking at FFVII characters and wondering where their dopplegangers fit into my world. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, or merely funny bits inspired by any of this, let me know -- if I want to use your ideas, I'll ask nicely and promise a lovely mention in the foreword.

Anyway, I've got a bit of rewrite to do on one story, so I'd best be off to that. Peace, all, and stay out of the rain!
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Well, I've had a jolly bit of fun with the secret identity thing and selling a couple of stories, but now it's time to just write and post and work on that novel.

Since the e-zine that's been kind enough to host my first couple of original stories is sadly shutting down, I'm going to post the Oathbound-inspired erotica at [insanejournal.com profile] vanmichaels for my own organizational convenience and ease of readership. I'm kind of hoping that any comments and feedback they inspire might help me sort out the rough spots in converting these into a fantasy novel with or without the erotic aspects (haven't quite decided on that part yet).

So...*braces self* I'll be posting an invitation over at my fanfic journal, opening the floodgates for the curious into the world of my original writings and giving them access to the critic seat. I figured that IJ's Bring Back The Porn Day would be a good time to do this; I debated waiting for the 4th, which is apparently New Zealand's National Penis Day, but I'm impatient.

ETA: No sooner do I hit the POST button than Tweak says, "Well, I like pretzel day." Tweakpwned ftw. :3
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You know, usually a writer creates a novel first and then the derivative stories.

I'm going at this bass-ackwards and loving it.

Of course, part of that could be due to my lack of an opening for the novel...either that, or I'm enjoying the erotica aspects too much.

Still, I've recently sent the third story in this abstract series to my favorite ezine. Hopefully they'll have as good a time reading it as I had writing it. This one not only deepens the overall plot quite a bit and expands on the nature of Oathkeeper (Gïordan's sword), but it also marks my first foray into hermaphroditic encounters. It's much more of a supernatural feel than the first two stories, with just a hint of dubious consent -- actually, to be more correct, it's not so much dubcon as extortion, but let's not give too much away here.

As for that pesky novel... I have a chronology in my head and now mostly in a Word doc as well. I've got notes upon notes, an iTunes playlist for inspiration, and a dedicated beta. All I'm lacking...is a beginning. I think I know how I want to do this, but getting the words to cooperate is like trying to coax a spider into a drinking glass when all it wants to do is run up the wall. (I know, weird comparison, but the other day I had to rescue a daddy longlegs from our cats, and, well...mission completed without too much incident, but I'd never say it was easy.)
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I'm working on two more stories in the "Oathbound" cycle, and I'm really excited about them. One is going to be a two-sided story, a before-and-after kind of thing showing a little more about Zaxx the battle mage. The other showcases a new character, a bounty hunter who calls himself Varas because his real name was just too painful to keep.

I'm also looking at turning this quirky set of stories into a more mainstream novel. I just like the idea of turning the process inside-out and doing some "derivative works" first -- I'm my own first and primary fan-ficcer, lol! And yes, if I do the novel (or series, at this rate), I plan to open it to fanworks and see what happens. Though, if the slash is canon, I wonder what they'll do for subtext?

The icon is a reflection of the bounty hunter's story, by the way. Just so you know.

Oh, and just to add some confusion, I created a journal under the name [insanejournal.com profile] vanmichaels so no one else could nab it. Sue me, I'm paranoid. ~_^ I might use it too, or I might stay with this one -- right now, being organized enough to post ANYTHING is an accomplishment.


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